A Zoning Problem Or Poor Vibration Control?

Who’s responsible when the vibration produced by an audio equipment company interferes with life in a private home?  That’s the issue that the Litiz-area community is facing as Clair Global, a local audio systems company has clashed with its neighbors over vibration issues, which residents have claimed are a regular problem.A Zoning Problem Or Poor Vibration Control?

Neighbors complain about ‘unbearable’ vibration from Clair Global | Lancaster Online

 clair globalImage Source: Lancaster Online

“Clair emphasized that Clair Global is located in an industrial campus zone and some noise is to be expected from the industries in the area, which include an egg company and a trucking business. ‘We are not doing anything today that we have not been doing for 17 years,’ Clair said. Drue Bullington, who lives near the business, told Warwick officials it’s not so much a sound by vibration that’s causing the problem. He said it occurs typically during the day, and that it has been getting more and more intense. ‘I have nothing against Clair Global,’ said Bullington. ‘I just don’t want them in my home.’ Bullington told the supervisors he had hoped the noise and reverberation issues were resolved when Rock Lititz made extensive changes to prevent them from coursing through nearby residential areas.”

Is this an issue of lacking vibration control or poor understanding of zoning? Do you think companies are responsible for controlling what sounds and vibration their neighbors are experiencing? Is this something municipalities must address through zoning updates? Tell us what you think in the comments.