Another Scary Side Effect Of Noise Pollution

Noise pollution comes with a range of issues that can affect living things in many ways. From increased weight gain to disruption of natural eco systems, there are a lot of reasons to be concerned with exposure to constant or excessive unnatural noise. One of the most recent findings connected with noise pollution is also one of the most frightening. Scientists at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine have found a substantial link between increased noise pollution and increased probability of a stoke and early death.

London deaths linked to noise pollution in study | BBC News


Image Source: BBC News

“The increase in the number of deaths was most likely to be linked to heart or blood vessel disease, possibly due to increased blood pressure, sleep problems and stress from the noise, they said. Jaana Halonen from LSHTM said: ‘Our findings contribute to the body of evidence suggesting reductions in traffic noise could be beneficial to our health.’”

As the serious effects of excessive noise become more apparent, do you think more definitive action to control it will be taken by local governments, groups and businesses? Share your thoughts in the comments.