Are Noisy Summers Just Part Of New York Life Or A Bigger Issue?

Summer is a busy time in New York City, and that means even more noise in an already noisy place. While some may be ready to accept that as part of life in the Big Apple and simply what happens when people open their window and take social gatherings outdoors. However, even some of NY’s longest residents are saying noise levels around the city are only getting worse. Some have even said the way developers are trying to market neighborhoods is contributing to the lack of peace and quiet in NYC homes.

What a racket! New Yorkers increasingly plagued by summer noise | am New York

Times_SquareImage Source: Wikimedia

“Long-time residents are irked, explained East Village writer Dale Goodson, 62, because developers have deliberately marketed their neighborhood as “a party and destination area,” attracting young transient people who don’t consider the impact of their behavior on others. ‘They have the right to be disruptive and we residents have no rights below the (legal noise) thresholds … We have to close our windows. We have to turn on the A.C. to mask the noise and restrict our lifestyle,’ he said. […] An explosion of luxury residences offering rooftop ‘event spaces’ and balconies as well as the construction of more hotels — many of which sport rooftop and outdoor bars — also add to the din. ‘What is new is all these new luxury and market rate residences’ with outdoor spaces that often become party magnets, said [Community Board 3 chairwoman Susan] Stetzer.

In addition to the “party” properties that are popping up around the city, it’s been said that smoking laws, which have smokers loudly gathering outside of bars and restaurants, as well as tourists, which grow in number year after year, are also causing NYC noise levels to hit new highs.

What are your thoughts on this noise control issue? Are developers the primary cause or are people simply too inconsiderate? Is this the city’s problem to address or just a reality for New Yorkers?