Can The U.S. Benefit From This LA Based Noise App?

Recently made available for noise pollution estimates in Los Angeles and Orange County, a website called “Howloud” gives locals a chance to report just how noisy it gets in their area. As the technology’s founder seeks to take this resource nationwide with a crowd funding campaign, it may make it easier for home hunters, real estate developers, and others to assess sound levels in a more practical sense.


Image Source: LA Weekly

Image Source: LA Weekly

“…Howloud will likely seek a round of funding in fall or winter, creator, Brendan Farrell said. He explained that ‘the money’ could come from apartment and real estate listings sites that might want to allow viewers to check sound levels in communities where they’re seeking shelter. ‘You’re looking for a new apartment, a new house, or a place to stay on Airbnb, and you want to know how loud it is,’ Farrell said. ‘Go to Howload, type in the address and bingo you have a sound score.’”

Do you think this type of online resource will have value nationwide, especially for the uses stated above? Would you want easy access to such information when looking for a new place to live or knowing just how much investment you’ll need to put in soundproofing and noise control?

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