Even The Queen Of England Needs Soundproofing

As Heathrow is set to get a third runway, airport noise pollution is becoming a greater concern for lots of people in the area, including England’s Royal Family. Windsor Castle may qualify for millions in soundproofing compensation as the historic structure is well within the path of Heathrow’s continuous traffic.

Queen could get millions to soundproof Windsor Castle from third runway | Telegraph

Windsor-Castle-_2138599bImage Source: Telegraph

“A report by the Department of Transport showed that Windsor Castle sits in a potential ‘island of noise’ which would be created by the third runway. Earlier this month an independent commission backed plans for expansion at Heathrow and David Cameron is now considering whether to give the green light to the scheme.”

Improving Windsor Castle’s soundproofing would be quite the undertaking, considering its space and the historical integrity of the structure. Double-glazing, loft insulation, and acoustical boarding are among the specific soundproofing methods that are said to be included in the soundproofing compensation plan. Besides Windsor Castle, other homes would also qualify for the noise insulation, including the more than 160,000 that are near Heathrow.

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