Quieting The Din Of Dining

Have you recently been to a restaurant on a weekend evening and noticed the noise level? If you enjoy eating out in a thriving city, you’re not alone.  Apart from bustling crowds and people openly enjoying food and company, there are a number of reasons why restaurants, bars, and other establishments have gotten noisier. In an attempt to create trendy, memorable interiors, restaurants and other establishments are getting rid of their carpeting, cloth, wood paneling and other soft, sound absorbing materials for more simplified, modern and minimalists décor. In addition to the trend, some restaurants enjoy fostering a busy, energetic atmosphere.

It’s not just you: Philly restaurants are getting louder | Philly.com

 diningImage Source: Philly.com

“Those in the industry concede that restaurants have been getting noisier, sometimes by design. ‘People have gravitated, over the last couple years, to spaces that have more exposed surfaces, harder surfaces, and generally have more energy – noise – than their predecessors,’ said Chris Sheffield, of SL Design in Kensington, a specialist in restaurant interiors. ‘It’s all a part of taking the formality out of fine dining. Although he often suggests acoustic treatments, ‘it’s not as high on the list of priorities for many of our clients as it might have been a decade ago.’”

Have you noticed your restaurant dining experience has changed with this trend? Would you prefer to eat in a quieter establishment and do you think restaurants should invest more in acoustic control?