The Complicated Balance Of Drilling And Noise Damping

In Pennsylvania, newly proposed oil and natural gas drilling regulations do not include specifications on noise limits. As Pennsylvania is a major energy producer, especially in the natural gas sector, there’s a lot of industrial activity happening in certain parts of the state and noise control is a subsequent concern, especially for those in the immediate vicinity of drilling sites.  So what is the reason for the new regulation to exclude noise mitigation details?

New state drilling regulations won’t include noise mitigation | Pittsburg Business Time

energy-range-resourcesImage Source: Pittsburg Business Time

“’Because of the complex nature of noise mitigation, it was determined that a separate process is more appropriate to address those concerns. In terms of centralized storage tanks, the department decided to remove this provision because these facilities will continue to be regulated under the residual waste regulations,’ the DEP [Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection] said in a statement.”

Do you think it makes sense to treat industrial noise mitigation as a separate type of regulation, especially as a result of its complexity? What are your thoughts on Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s approach to this issue?  Tell us what you think in the comments.